6 tips | Choosing the best office coffee machine

Search together for the best fitting coffee machine for work

1. Calculate how many cups of coffee your employees drink on average per day

Our own research has shown that on average we drink four cups of coffee per day at work. Recognizable? Or do you and your colleagues prefer tea? And - also important: do you receive many guests in your company? Prevent over or under capacity of your coffee machine and map how many cups of coffee your employees and guests drink on average. This is an important first step and determines the type of machine you choose.

2. Choose a brewing type that suits your needs best

Do you, your employees and your guests prefer fresh bean coffee? Or do you prefer convenience? An important question. Because with five different brewing types there is a lot of choice:

  • Fresh Coffee Beans - An espresso machine brings barista-quality coffee to work. Because of the high pressure, you enjoy a characteristic flavor, finished with a nice layer of crema. Good examples are the Barista ONE and the Krea B2C.
  • Roast and Ground - With a filter coffee machine, you can enjoy coffee from ground fresh beans and the familiar taste of filter coffee.
  • Instant - Hot water, mixed with instant coffee: with an instant coffee machine you can easily and quickly drink a nice cup of coffee.
  • Cafitesse - A Cafitesse coffee machine offers a unique coffee extract so that all tasteful aromas and elements from the coffee are guaranteed. Have a look at the Cafitesse Excellence Compact, for a machine with milk option. 

3. Observe maintenance and cleaning time

Cleaning, general maintenance and preparation time: the amount of time that the maintenance of your coffee machine consumes can vary considerably depending on the type of appliance. For example, cleaning a Cafitesse machine will mostly take a few seconds, while an espresso machine takes a lot longer. On our coffee machine page you immediately see how much cleaning time each machine requires. This way you will not be surprised afterwards.

4. Please consider the time required per cup of coffee

Do you regularly host meetings in your company and do you need a lot of cups of coffee in a short time? Then it is best to go for a Cafitesse or Instant coffee machine. The coffee is ready within four to nine seconds. Is a cup of top quality coffee indispensable in your company? With a coffee machine with fresh espresso beans, making a cup of coffee can take up to thirty seconds. Keep that in mind when choosing your coffee machine.

5. Determine which service contract suits you best

To guarantee the quality of the coffee machines at all times, Jacobs Douwe Egberts Professional offers various types of service contracts. Which type of contract suits you best depends not only on the type, but also on having a rental or buying machine. For example, with a rental contract, the service is included, but not with a purchase contract. Fill out the form on this page and discover which service contract suits you best.

6. Calculate not only the purchase price of the machine, but also the cost per cup of coffee

To determine what you end up losing on a coffee machine, it is important to look not only at the costs of the appliance itself, but also at the price per cup. For example, a coffee from an Instant Coffee Machine costs ($ 0,12) per cup, while a cup of coffee with fresh espresso beans can be ($ 0.24) per cup. Would you like to know at one glance what the purchase of a new coffee machine will ultimately cost you? Fill in the form on the bottem of this page and we will contact you directly for a free quote.

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