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L’OR Professional allows you to show that you are the perfect host in every situation and location. Discover pleasure of ultimate hospitality by offering L'OR PROMESSO Coffee Solution. Serving ultimate variation in taste from an award winning machine. That’s how much you value to your customers.

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L'OR PROMESSO Coffee Solution


Experience the ultimate hospitality of L'OR PROMESSO and let yourself be captivated by a supreme range of premium quality espresso coffees. 


The Golden Standard

Surrender to pure coffee pleasure and enjoy the ultimate taste with a supreme range of premium quality espresso coffees. Blind taste research reveals that L’OR PROMESSO delivers premium espresso and lungo coffee that scores highly in terms of overall liking, taste, aftertaste and quality.

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The Blend with the Ultimate Taste

At the heart of L’OR PROMESSO CLASSIQUE blend lies a fine selection of 100% Arabica beans.

  • Medium to dark roasted blend
  • Deep well-balanced taste with sweet nuances 
  • Unique brewing and packaging system to ensure high quality aroma
  • A fine selection with UTZ-certified beans 
  • A wide selection of delicious milk-based coffees with L’OR PROMESSO MILC



Personalisation at its best

Explore the numerous personalisation options to match everyone’s individual coffee taste. Adjust the strength of the coffee and add milk and foam based on your own liking. Create your personal L’OR PROMESSO favourite coffee and save your own perfect coffee drink. Memory function for 25 valued colleagues and customers. 

Absolute Winner in Design

L’OR PROMESSO is the winner of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2016. This beautiful and intuitive design of the machine was also the best-liked design in comparison to espresso beans machines. 



Unleashing ease in its ultimate form

Maximum uptime thanks to easy operation, refilling and cleaning. L’OR PROMESSO has step-by-step instructions on the display to guide users. Less than 1 minute needed to change a pack and 7 minutes only to clean it once every week. 


L’OR PROMESSO offers the ultimate coffee solution for your business


“I expect to be able to reduce labour costs as we are spending less time refilling and cleaning. Seems like we have made a great decision!” 

Crown Plaza London Battersea
London, UK


“Regarding to our concept, the most attractive point of Promesso would be the customize function.” 

Official Ferrari Dealer Auto Cavalino
Kobe, Japan

Health & Care

"It’s fast, makes great coffee and looks stylish. We would recommend Promesso to everyone - even considering ones at home, because the coffee is so good.”

A Private Clinic
Randers, Denmark


Elevate your coffee standards

L’OR PROMESSO is a highly efficient complete coffee solution that enhances the quality of your business by highlighting your sustainability efforts. Sustainable solution with UTZ-certificated coffee and CO2 efficiency to create a shared value for your business and customers.

L'OR PROMESSO at your company

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